Our company D.TSOUKATOS & CO since 2003, through methodical preparation and successful inspection of evaluation by permitted international institution (Bureau Veritas Certification Hellas SA) has been granted the quality certificate complying to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2000.

The certificate is renewed each three years, with intermediary annual inspections of monitoring from the same institution of which is always realized precise and with particular assiduity observation of all provisions of standards.

With the acquisition of this certificate the company achieved:

  1. Completion of the organization
  2. Time profit in all functional processes
  3. Effective control of production, stock, equipment, personnel, suppliers and partners.
  4. Possibility
  5. Methodology
  6. Innovation
  7. Improvement of its position in the hydraulics sector
  8. Satisfaction for all kind requests of customers, in a progressive way.

his certificate represents the international acknowledgement to the political trade of D.Tsoukatos & Co, based on the commitment with our customers and the continued improvement of service, our company targets since our foundation.